A Chillable Locking Adventure Case for Connoisseurs


  • Durable

    Made with EVA Ballistic Nylon, this thing can handle some serious conditions!


    Foil insulated walls & custom ice packs keep coolness in and heat out to provide all day cooling power.


    Our thoughtfully designed strap system allows you to secure all kinds of items on the go.


    The combination lock & smell suppression lining give you privacy and peace of mind.

  • Summer Is Coming!

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    Extra Set of Terp Chiller® Ice Packs
    Two Terp Chiller® Ice Packs. Specially blended in Canada!

    All Terp Chillers currently ship with two custom ice packs...but we all know $%*& happens, and when it does we got you on refills.

    Never again will you head out for an adventure only to realize you forgot to refreeze your packs. You'll always have a set frozen and ready to go!

    Remember to store these out of direct sunlight.
    Coming soon
    Terp Chiller® - Traveler
    (Custom ice packs included)

    - EVA & Ballistic nylon shell looks great and is super tough
    - Insulated walls and zipper liner help keep coolness in and heat out
    - Premium elastic strap system secures items of various shapes/sizes
    - Custom ice packs chill the case through a mesh pocket
    - Combination lock provides privacy and peace of mind
    *Current colors available are Gunmetal Gray & Silver Pearl*
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    Coming soon
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